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A C / D C

March 3, 2016
March 3, 2016
T r i a d s
March 3, 2016

Abilities And Capabilities.

Abilities And Capabilities........People don't make time to discern between the two.

What you are, "Able to do, you are capable of doing"....Be cognoscente of the consequences of the unbalanced action taken.

Inversely, What you are able to do, you should not be capable of doing.

The balancing act of, "Why And Why Not", is an integral part of the, "AC / DC" process.

How do we balance, "AC / DC" in this scenario?.

Why not feel the freedom of eternal flight?

Why not go with the fact that you are, "Able" to take the step.

Capable of stepping out is the underlying presence of the balance. The consequences behind your decision will determine your existence.